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Public Records Research

Everett Process Servers provides superior public records research and document retrieval services. We offer State and Nationwide exploratory services that provide accurate and expedient results. We service all Washington State County Courthouses, Federal Courthouses, the State Capital, government offices, and educational institutions. We have a working relationship with companies in nearly every state. This allows us to retrieve records in any jurisdiction, locally and nationally.

With over 40 years of professional investigation and skip tracing experience in the commercial, consumer, financial, and law enforcement fields, Everett Process Servers is the research and retrieval company of choice. Our extensive professional experience provides our clients with the assurance that every nook, cranny, and crevice has been thoroughly searched and that all relevant documents will be identified, located, and retrieved. Whether you require public records for use in a corporate, civil, criminal, child support, divorce, real estate, or financial proceeding, Everett Process Servers understands that a thorough search, accuracy of results and timeliness of delivery are of a critical nature.

Once a record is located, our highly trained and experienced staff will obtain regular or certified copies and deliver them to our clients. Retrieved documents can be delivered to our clients by e-mail, fax, personal delivery, or by mailing. Expedited delivery (by mail or otherwise), is available.

Document Retrieval Services:    (Including Public Records Research)

Criminal Records Property Related Trusts / Transfers Quit Claims    
Wills Probate Documents Court Filings Affidavits
Motions Liens / Tax Liens  Lis Pendens Military Archives
Birth Records Marriage Records Divorce Records Name Change
City Records County Records State Records Small Claims
Superior Court Federal Court Court Orders Judgments
Eviction Records Transcripts Applications Public Disclosures
Foreclosures Notices Supplemental Records Complaints

Public Records Research and Retrieval

Our research and retrieval process begins with our client. If our client knows that certain documents exist and their specific location, we conduct a verification of the provided information and expeditiously retrieve the copies requested.

Though often times our clients aren't sure if there are any records at all and if so, where they may be located. In these cases, we conduct extensive research and information analysis. Everett Process Servers utilizes multiple non-public information and intelligence databases, governmental electronic record databases, and on location physical record searches to identify and locate possible records. The utilization of professionally licensed information and intelligence databases allows us to conduct a wide ranging probe for public records of any type and properly identify their locations.

Cross referencing the information obtained via these databases with the various governmental databases to which we are licensed to use, provides us with the verification of the information obtained prior to traveling to a specific location to retrieve the documents. The use of this technology allows us to provide our clients with the information they need to evaluate which documents are not relevant to their needs and which documents they would like us to retrieve.

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